Terms, Usage, and History Edit

What is Augury? Edit

Put quite simply, Augury is the manipulation of physics. Some people call it magic, others call it science, but it's common name, known among all people is Augury.

History in Brief Edit

Early on people were dumb. Augurs in this time were seen as gods. Later people started learning. Augurs were still treated as being superior. Augurs began studying the world around them. Great philosophers, astrologists, scientists, were mostly Augurs. The general populace began studying the world around them as well. With the exception of the occasional bad egg, everyone lived together harmoniously as far as Augury was concerned. The planet still had countries, wars, life. The awakening happens, many more people are gifted the power of Augury. Augurs begin to be just about as common as Generics.

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