The Event Edit

The Sundering was the first happening in what we categorize as a Horizon Event. It is largely known and accepted that the world was thrown into chaos and decline, an apocalypse, when the greatest circle of Augurs brought forth the largest ritual that had ever been conducted. Due to the Horizon Event: The Severing, communication and information was lost, including what the rite was that the Augurs performed. All that is known is the aftermath of the ritual.

World Breaking Edit

Auguring Channels surged with power so much so that the world itself cracked along its surface. Land masses and Oceans were torn asunder and the landscape was forever changed. Uncontrolled energy exploded forth and further scared the world. The weather shifted and gave torrential rain and blistering heat, hail and lightning storms. A new sickness ravaged the land known as "Rending Syndrome". Societies large and small were shaken until destruction and the worlds population declined. All of the old world governments attempted to retain all peoples and order, however, the sweeping destruction brought all countries to their knees.

The Crimson Tempest Edit

A great black storm of heat blew through the land, Turning all in its wake to ash or char. People, buildings, cars, even the water and air were burned from this firestorm. It seemed nothing would halt this extinction event. A second gathering of Augurs convened and attempted to harness the great storm, but its power would not be easily contained. Sacrificing their bodies in their ritual, they rose up to encompass the storm and brought it to heel by siphoning it into a gigantic capsule. Other Augurs took this mega-capsule, and hid it in secrecy, so that nothing would disturb the sleeping death.

Death rattle Edit

Though the storm was brought down, a scarred world was left beyond it. Most forests were ash, cities were rubble, and humanity was all but anarchy. After the fall of the governments, civility and altruism were old traditions that many had abandoned. The first few years after The Sundering were the bloodiest and bleak for mankind. People became hyper violent and impulsive. It was commonplace to take what little someone had after killing them in cold blood, only to be in turn killed and taken from. The parts of the world that still had a sign of life were sought out and devoured rapidly. From grocery stores and farms, to hospitals and warehouses. Those left alive found shelter and survival in these places, all else perished. Small communities formed in these tiny bastions. Even still, theft, murder, and selfishness took its toll. Most of these places fell to the same fallacies that destroyed the rest of the world, forcing those still alive to become nomadic.

The Wight Phoenix Edit

From the ashes of destruction and death, rose a new strengthened society. A large throng of survivors, who had grown from their small group, began to attempt a unification. At first it was met with hostility and fear, but over time this group known as The Vigilance boasted a healthy growing community and began to amass the means to rebuild a hearth instead of simply scavenging. This group was steeped in discipline and order, and no small amount Augur animosity. Though they realize the power and utility of Augury, they despise Augurs for the world's breaking. In the beginning they would destroy any Augur they came into contact with. It was a modern day witch hunt. Over a few decades they grew from a throng to a commonwealth. Hundreds of survivors all under the banner of The Wight Phoenix. Their goal to ensure the safety and survival of their people, renewal of their world, and destruction of Augurs.

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